Η Παραλία Σουτσίνι στην Κύμη Ευβοίας

Distance: 5.3 km
Route: Asphalt

For whom: A beach for all tastes separated exclusively for you in three sections. Parents, children, dogs, kittens, buckets and bulldozers in the first section, and if you walk a bit, you get to the second section and the canteen where you can play rackets, dive (always with care since the waters are shallow) and beach volley without playing heroes. You can also rent canoes and explore the surrounding area as well as exercise your body. The third part and the best is for those who want to enjoy love in a more quiet place.

Not: for those who want to make exotic tanning as the sun falls too early and for those who want to calm down and rest in August because children, families and well-formed bodies covered in oil are everywhere while dozens of tennis balls come and go. 

What to take with you:

  • Towel
  • Rackets
  • and many tennis balls!!!

If you get hungry:

You can get something to eat from the canteen otherwise if you are hungry, you can throw yourself in the taverns that are not far away away and eat whatever you wish and crave.


To the minimal sea urchins that are around but also to the many well wishers who will want to… pee (!)on you in order to help you.

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Extra information

Soutsini got its name from the ‘shhhs tsinoi’, meaning ‘shhs them’, meaning, “silence because there come the lepers” who lived in the area at the time.