Distance: 26.5 km
Route: Asphalt and a small part of cement and dirt and road!!!!

For whom: Are you after the sun? You found the right beach since in kefala, the Sun sets really late. So, you have got choices, either you make yourself at home and enjoy the sun on your towel, or you get covered in oil and chase the tennis ball for hours. Do you have kids; Shovels, rakes and buckets are the necessary equipment to please them as well. And if you like diving, the rocks of Kefala challenge you to climb as high as you can. One characteristic of this beach is its white pebbles.

Not for: those who are bored to get their car and travel for 40 minutes to enjoy their swimming.

What to take with you:

  • Definitely a towel and an umbrella (unless you manage to find an umbrella from the canteen)
  • And thereafter, whatever you wish and desire.

If you get hungry:

In the middle of the beach there is the in Cadina-Cadina where you can find from croissants and biscuits to souvlaki, waffles and homemade dishes.


To the meetings you will have on your way there as the road is really narrow in some parts.

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Extra information

Agios Merkourios is the continuation of Mourteri, which ends in the famous “Kefalas” rock, which , in the last few years , has become a meeting point of a group of motorcyclists every September. The beach is also ideal for kite surfing and similar water sports.