Distance: 5.3 km
Route: Asphalt

For whom: For those who want to take their masks and flippers with them and explore the two small creeks and who knows…to fish some of the many octopuses that pass their summer there! Also, for those who like diving whether they are a little less daring (small rocks) or very courageous (huge rocks). Always be careful because the waters are not too deep betweenthe creeks!

Not: for those who want simply to lay their body down because of the small size of the beach and its rocky construction.

What to take with you:

  • Mask
  • Flippers
  • A fishing line for the fishermen
  • Something to grab a bite and something to keep you from being bitten!

If you get hungry:

If you have not caught any octopuses do not worry … in Chili you can fish crooks, strobes but also for anyone who is organized and brings along the fishing line, they may catch good fish for soup!


After some time towards the afternoon, there is a mosquito invasion and sweetbloods (like me!) will be in real trouble if you have not brought along a mosquito repellent!

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Extra information

On the big island opposite Chili, at the back of the it, there is a pretty big cave that is ready for exploration!