Distance: 28.5 Km
Route: Asphalt

For Whom: For those who want to take their family and escape a bit from the city stress and fatigue and after they have “melted” all day long on the beach they eat a huge amount of food, but also for young people who want to have a nice time with their friends during free camping.

Not: For those who want to take a quick dive due to the distance from Kymi.

What to take with you:

  • Camping tent (since only one day will not be enough to enjoy the place), rackets
  • Tennis rackets and balls
  • And finally your favorite book as the absolute peace that exists in the afternoons when the sun sets is your best ally to read it with your peace of mind.

If you get hungry:

If you are hungry, there are two taverns with fresh and fabulous dishes prepared from local products. There is also a canteen from which you can buy coffees, juices, ice creams and sandwiches.


To the few rocks that you may see in the middle of the street from the local goats.

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Extra information

In the summer there are also a couple of seals visiting the beach but they do not bother anyone