Distance: 14.5 Km by car + 5.0 Km on foot
Route: Aquatic but also for those who have a very good physical condition though a path (2 hours walking and two more to come back).

For whom: A beach for those who own marine means and want peace and quiet above all. Also, for those who like adventure, they can go up to a point by car and from there on, to walk through an incredible path of moderate difficulty I would say, for about two hours.

Not for: those who like crowdy beaches but also for those who are afraid of cows as there are a lot of them all year round!

What to take with you:

  • Whatever you can carry on the beach because you will not find anything there!

If you get hungry:

At the “nearby” beach of Metohi you can eat up literally anything you may crave in its taverns.


For those who walk there, they should get enough water with them because the route is neither short nor easy.

How to get there:

By boat for those who have it, On foot for those who stand it.

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Extra information

It takes about 2 hours of walking from the farms you will find on your way until you get to the beach, while for the shepherds (over 60 years old) who own these farms it takes a little less than an hour to get there!