Distance: 6.6 km
Route: Asphalt

For whom: For those who are married but still “have a soul” and who like drinking their ouzo, grabbing a delicacy and taste the fresh fish that the local fishermen bring while their children are sloshing about just a breath away.

Not for: racquet maniacs, womanizers and party animals due to the limited space, the family atmosphere and the relaxing mood that prevails.

What to take with you:

  • Arm floats for children
  • and a wallet for local delicacies

If you get hungry:

You are in the right place.


On the naughty geese which, unlike women, do not like caresses!

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Extra information

Prior to the construction of the bridge in 1935 which connects the northern with the southern parts of the river, the communication-transportation was achieved with the use of a boat.