Distance: 10.2 km
Route: Asphalt

For Whom: For those who want to “melt” playing rackets, volleyball, Kite, Wind Surfing and any other summer sport there is, while listening to the loud music from the beach bar there. Also for those who just want to hang out on their sunbed and along with the various beach bar cocktails to enjoy the killing bodies that are wandering around (and thye are not only a few!)

Not for: those who want to read their book and relax because the loud music that plays everyday and the various sports will not let you relax.

What to take with you:

  • If you play rackets … get a towel, oil, rackets and tennis balls.
  • If you do not play rackets, then again … a towel, oil and a helmet, just in case.

If you get hungry:

In Allimio you can get sandwiches, while in Kouros you will find crêpes, foul extra sandwiches, but also for those who watch their diet, filling fruit salads !!!


To the tennis balls that rarely escape, but are dangerous, from the racket players who, in August, may be more than those who just chill out.

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Extra infor

Stomio belongs to the community of Oxilithos. The name of Oxilithos comes from the exact shape of this hill (sharp stone). There once was the volcano crater that was active many thousands of years ago.