Distance: 13.8 km
Route: Half the route is an asphalt road and the other half a dirt road with huge inclinations! If you do not have a Jeep you will not be able to get there!

For whom: For those companionships who enjoy waking up in the morning and after loading the jeep or the pick-up truck with umbrellas, sun loungers, towels, life jackets, rackets, tennis balls, backgammon, food and other things needed to spend a whole day (and not just one) ) on a truly beautiful beach!

Not for: those who want to go by car, because the road is quite bumpy but also for those who want to take a quick dive since it takes one hour to get there which is not exactly what you call fast. Otherwise, it is difficult – not to say impossible – for someone to say that they did not like Thapsa.

What to take with you:

  • Umbrellas
  • Lifeboats
  • Backgammon
  • Ice cream
  • Lots of water
  • And definitely food, food and food because there is no way to go to Thapsa and not get hungry like a wolf.

If you get hungry:

…and you have not taken anything with you to eat like a fruit, a sandwich, your mother’s meatballs, or if you want a bunch of beers damn it ( because if you start drinking one drink after the other, at some point , you are bound to stop being hungry) then there is the canteen on the right side of the beach to save you, offering souvlaki, potatoes, tiganopsomo and many more.


On the uphill from Tsilarro to Thapsa. Do not make the mistake to stop midway because you will have difficulty restarting.

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Extra information

If you take from the two edges of the creeks the left one and look slowly towards the left side you will notice somewhere that the mountain has fallen. Over there, there is a small beach which is accessible only by sea, suitable for couples in love who want some peace and quiet. It is known as Ammitsa.