Distance: 12.3 km
Route: Half the route is an asphalt road and the other half a dirt road with great inclinations! New or lowered cars had better think it over!

For whom: A beach clearly for those who love the combination of mountain and sea, ideal for camping. Α tent is the only choice you are given in order to stay at the enchanting Tsilaros. Young people, old ones and …. even older ones are sure to enjoy their swimming and will have fun. The beach consists of two parts. The bigger part is for everyone, while the smaller one, which is located in the background, is called “pleasure” and it is aimed at those who feel a bit hotter and are bothered by their swimsuits !!!

Not for: Beach-bar lovers, for those who want to enjoy along with swimming a refreshing cocktail and generally for those who are a little spoilt, since the beach has neither a canteen nor a shower or anything whatsoever.

What to take with you:

  • Everything and even more!

If you get hungry:

If you have not learned to fish like Jack Norris who yells at the fish “you and you out” you are screwed if you have skipped bringing along something to eat! OK, those who have got down on a jeep can go to the nearby beach and buy from the canteen from souvlaki (meat on skewers) to tiganopsomo (thin layer of dough cooked in a frying pan).


The goats, which ,because of the absence of…traffic lights, are permanently in the middle of the road.

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Extra information

The beach took its name from its shape that resembles a dog’s mouth, so the inhabitants of Vitalo used to call it Tsilaros, which means big dog.