Distance: 7.9 Km by car + 4.6 Km on foot
Activity: Trekking
Route Type: Circular
Difficulty Level: Easy
Maximum Altitude: 155m
Minimum Altitude: 77 m
Average Time: 3 Hours

Starting from the Platanenhof – an incredible place for relaxation – you go through a green path alongside a river to reach the Mills the most famous of them being the Santa Mill. There you will find many stone-built paths, bridges, tables and benches to rest. Finally, in order to return you go through a dirt road leading back to Platanenhof to enjoy your coffee.

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How to insert the Trails in your phone

If you want to insert one or more trails in your phone in order to be able to walk through them, you must first download the application Wikiloc to your mobile.
Then press the ”Wikiloc” button below and will immediately open the application with the path you choose. Peace of Cake!

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