Πεζοπορία στον καταρράκτη στα Μανίκια

Distance: 18.8 Km by car + 2.3 Km on foot
Activity: Trekking
Route Type: Crossing
Difficulty Level: Easy
Maximum Altitude: 243 m
Minimum Altitude: 168 m
Average Time: 2 Hours

A path so beautiful and at the same time so exotic that you think you are somewhere else and not in Greece! Rivers, waterfalls, ponds and a very small sandy beach (equal to two people) are some of the things you will see on the way! Suitable months for this trail are in summer when there is little water in the river and is easier to cross it. Keep in mind that it will be very difficult not to wet your shoes, for this it is good to have a second pair in the car for the return. For those who like the difficult and the longest hikes, they can start from the village of Manikia, where it is about 2 hours walking to the waterfall and other so many to return.

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